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Jake’s Blog: Free agency is underway!

Jake Scott - July 1st, 2014
As expected, right at 10:00 PM the Jazz reached out to Gordon Hayward and want to get him locked up, expect an offer to come shortly.
Here is how the Jazz salaries lay out going into free agency.
Basketball insiders doing a nice job keeping up on all the latest free agent rumors.
Sheridanhoops.com is doing a fine job as well.
If 232 kids with cancer doing the "I believe" chant doesn't get you fired up for the USMNT World Cup game today, nothing will.
When Johnny Football and the Beibs get together, the cops get called.
I never thought that I would say this, but...Good for you Dante Stallworth.
No no no, the deal was actually good for the Salt Lake Tribune.
Kendra Wilkinson flushed her wedding ring down the toilet after discovering that former New Mexico star Hank Baskett cheated with a transgender youtube star.
A couple of Royals pitchers have bad strip club etiquette.
Nice back flip Blake Griffin.
How long do you think it took this guys to learn how to put his pants on without using his hands?

Jake’s Blog: It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!

Jake Scott - June 26th, 2014
The day that we have all been waiting for is finally here, draft day. I think the Jazz likely stay put at 5, not sure they have what is needed to move up in this draft, Tony Parks has been saying it all along it's just too expensive. Tthe mock drafts are coming fast and furious this morning. Mark Spears, yahoo.com, Hoopshype.com, Draftexpress.com, even our friend Tony Jones of the Trib got in on the fun.
This has got to be the best mock draft that I've seen yet.
Basketball Insiders final mock draft.
In other Jazz news today, they officially extended Gordon Hayward a qualifying offer.
A win and the U.S. advances, a draw and the U.S. advances, a loss and the U.S. might advance. Soccer.
"Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay." Wow, Ann Coulter really hates the crap out of soccer.
Speaking of biting, Will Ferrell will bite every German player.
Utah beats BYU again, this time in court.
Nancy Grace is officially the worst person on this planet.
Don't worry Tony Parks, there are other Brony's out there too.

Jake’s Blog: Checketts is breaking news, and fall out from BYU media day

Jake Scott - June 24th, 2014
Shout out to BYU for putting on a fine media day as usual. If you missed any of the interviews yesterday make sure to catch up, Bronco, Anae, Taysom, and more.  Tom Holmoe did speak at the BYU TV press conference and did comment on the investigation, Holmoe called the potential violations minor and expects word from the NCAA in a couple of weeks. Curiously Holmoe left media day right after the telecast to attend Steve Young's golf tournament.
Kurt Kragthorpe thinks this season comes down to the Texas game, for BYU.
Future conference affiliation was obviously a big topic at BYU media day yesterday, Brad Rock has a column about it.
Fine work from Spencer Checketts the last few days chasing trade rumors involving the Utah Jazz. Spence is reporting the Jazz could be offering the Cavs Derrick Favors, the number 5 pick and either Alec Burks or the number 23 pick, in exchange for the number 1 pick and Jarrett Jack. If the Jazz think there is a star at the top of this draft, you've got to make that happen right?
If the Jazz stay at 5 Chris Mannix of SI has the Jazz selecting Aaron Gordon, he was on the Big Show talking about it yesterday.
Lebron opts out! Here are seven things that could possibly happen.
It is official, Miami Heat fans are totally the worst.
Get your tickets to see the mustard and mud today!
Jerry Sandusky is getting his pension back?! Well done Pennsylvania.
The Ned Stark celebration is by far my favorite.
I love it anytime Stephen Colbert talks sports.
Do not have a threesome on a boat, you may crash and lose your license.
This looks like all sorts of fun.

Jake’s Blog: Jazz get to look at a foot today

Jake Scott - June 18th, 2014
The Jazz will work out Julius Randle today, how's that foot bro?
The Jazz also have a new assistant coach, and he and Dennis Lindsey go way back.
ESPN PAC-12 blog is lovin themselves some Drizzy Drez.
Marco Rubio doesn't think that Lebron is the problem, it's the bozos the surround him.
Off the wall, windmill. Tony Parks did this once on a seven foot hoop.
U.S. Patent Office cancels trademark for Washington pro football team, checkmate Snyder.
Clint Dempsey is releasing a rap album, judging by it's first track released, he's much better at soccer.
Could Jimmy Graham's Twitter account cost him millions of dollars?
Bitcoin is now sponsoring a bowl game. Wonder if they had to pay the bill in cash?
How to get drugs into prison? Stuff a football full and throw it over the fense. Wait that didn't work, you're kidding.
You don't see this everyday just driving down the road.
This young man really loves Mountain Dew.
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Jake’s Blog: BYU = South Korea, Utah = Japan

Jake Scott - June 17th, 2014
The PAC-12 only distributed 68% of their revenue in 2013 (by far the lowest among the major conferences) because the PAC-12 network is costing a fortune! But that Direct TV thing is no big deal right?
NFL.com has Taysom Hill ranked #14 as a Heisman candidate.
Does Lebron James have a better option than staying in Miami? Most people don't think so.
The US finally beats Ghana! Since the Portuguese looked like crap, maybe there's hope yet.
Here are the best reactions to Brook's goal from around the web, pretty awesome.
For those soccer challenged fans out there like myself, here is a guide to the World Cup for the college football fan. Utah = Japan, BYU = South Korea.
Let's get into what is really important about the World Cup, the WAG's.
Someone tell that reporter that is a cycling jersey.
Prostitution is legal in Brazil, and as you can imagine business is booming.
The rainbow hippies are coming back to Utah, I think I can already smell them.
When the Mayor of New York settles a bet, it gets weird.
Brian Williams doing "Baby got Back"? Yes, please.
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Jake’s Blog: Dwayne Wade isn’t even trying anymore

Jake Scott - June 13th, 2014
Much like my co host Tony Parks, Brad Rock thinks the Jazz are going nowhere untill they find some all stars.
Speaking of Tony, he is taking an online beating this morning for his bold prediction on yesterday's show, saying "bet the farm" on the Heat winning, of course they did not. Normally I miss no opportunity to pile on, but in this case, shout out to Tony for having the stones to put it out there! Strong opinions make sports radio fun, and this just in, playing that stuff up is what we do! Tony should be given credit, he obviously looks like a smart guy today, because he still has his eyebrows. Yep that was part of the discussion.
Here is 12 minutes of Dwayne Wade playing crappy defense.
Boris Diaw's behind the back pass was pretty awesome.
Our friend Tony Jones of the Trib explores the Julius Randle foot controversy.
Utah self reports 99 violations, most of which are ridiculous. Utah is playing the game, self report a bunch of minor stuff, take your medicine and stay off the radar. I by no means believe these are the only "violations" that have happened at Utah in that time period, I do believe the system is purposefully corrupt and needs to be fixed. NCAA rules are set up to create a "see no evil hear no evil" atmosphere and to make liars out of honest people. These are the "violations" Utah knew about, because these are the violations Utah wanted to know about (or people were willing to admit to). It's how the collegiate athletic game is played, probably a big reason things are changing. And before I get the angry tweets and emails, I said the exact same thing about BYU a couple of weeks ago.
Donald Sterling is now hiring PI's to ivestigate the NBA and it's owners. Which owners do you think are squirming after hearing that news.
Super conferences approved, for Utah high school sports.
Bill Simmons is kind of a diva.
John Oliver is back talking about soccer again, really can't help but love that guy.
Of course Hodor would suck at the Fued.

Jake’s Blog: Stockton takes you back

Jake Scott - June 10th, 2014
The Jazz partner with Idaho. On a related note, no Bryon Russell vs. Michael Jordan 1 on 1 match scheduled yet.
The John Stockton parts of The84Draft (via @monilogue)
Cosmo creates scenarios for BYU to be included.
Dave Christensen and Quin Snyder are BFF's apparently 
The U.S. team lands in Sao Paulo Brazil. May getting robbed be the worst thing that happens to you.
It's the old, we are not corrupt and you are a racist defense. I would have gone with it's god's time.
One of the giants from Game of Thrones was a McDonald's All-American.
This ad will air during the finals tonight promoting the cause to change the name of the Washington pro football franchise. Here here!
That's pretty good for a 16 year old, I guess.
Happy 22nd birthday Kate Upton.
Dikembe Mutombo hides from Jimmy Kimmel.
Ahhhhh!!! Don't shoot!

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