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IF YOU WANT THE PERFECT HOST for a high impact adventure reality TV show, you don't call an actor, you call the real deal, Ron Duncombe. Ron has 25 years of hard-core racing and outdoor adventure experience. He brings a genuine love of adrenaline and all things extreme to this project and pushes each adventure to it's limits. As Ron says, "We don't just push the envelope, we move the post office!"

Starting at a young age, Ron began a long and varied career of competition with BMX bike racing. He traveled with the national circuit for several years until his success in non-motorized racing naturally led to the much faster paced and cranked-up world of Motocross. Racing and winning into the mid-90's, once again Ron's adventurous spirit led him to try something new and he began to race cars on the oval track. He started out as the brake-man in train cars- A crazy demolition race where 3 cars are linked together bumper to bumper. The lead car has the gas, the middle car is empty and the tail car has the brake. The lead car and tail car do not communicate with each other as they race on a crisscrossing figure 8 track.

When Ron grew tired of being a human crash test dummy, he moved up to successfully racing late model lights. After a few years of that, he moved into competing in Ford Focus Midget cars where he still races today.

But Ron's great love and dream was to drive a ten thousand pound car crushing monster truck. He got that opportunity in 2006 with Maverik's Monster Trakker. Competing all over the intermountain west, Ron has trounced some of this sports biggest names, like Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction. Competing in events like straight-line drags and figure 8's Ron puts his years of racing talent to work, but Ron really shines in the freestyle competitions. He has become known for his signature "Tornado" maneuver, spinning the behemoth monster truck with the speed and grace of a figure skater.

Along his adrenaline-fused ride Ron found the perfect job to blend his out-going personality, racing experience and love of adventure as the Promotions Manager of Maverik- a billion dollar, 200 location convenience store company known for their cutting edge culture and marketing programs. Maverik truly is Adventure's First Stop, and Ron will personally take you the rest of the way.

In 2008 Maverik launched it's first adventure reality TV show, Kick Start, where the host Ron Duncombe takes ordinary people out of their mundane lives and gives them an experience of a lifetime. Leading his tentative but brave participants, Ron has taken a stomach-churning ride in the Red Bull stunt plane, fought blazing car fires, climbed vertical towers of rock, survived a freezing night in a hand made snow cave, scuba dived through underwater Mexican caves, trained with ex-special forces soldiers, and taken laps with NASCAR's Kyle Busch, to name a few.

As glamorous and exciting as these adventure's are, he finds that meeting new people and being the conduit for their own personal Kick Start has become one of his greatest rewards.

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